Important Update

The BAD news: I got very sick the beginning of June 2021. Very sick. I was unable to communicate with my customers or fill existing online orders. Last week I was finally able to sit upright at my desk and began refunding all open orders and letting my customers know what was happening. I also changed the status of my website pages to “Private” in order to prevent more orders from being placed until I was well enough to begin filling them again. So, don’t despair, I’m on the mend and the website should be functional before the end of June.

The GOOD News: As of today, I am closer to a full recovery. As my health continues to improve, my plan to is to make inventory this weekend to get my inventory up and resume accepting orders before the end of June. I’m sorry this has inconvenienced so many of my loyal customers, and I appreciate you hanging in there while I recuperate. I pray you and yours are well and thank you for your support. As my way of way of saying “thank you,” I will pay for shipping on all orders placed by July 17th. I will add a new BLOG when you are able to begin placing orders online again.