Three Years Later? Life Happens…

This may take a while, so get comfortable. Since the craziness of the Spam-Demic, life has been upside down and wonky here. How about for you?

A few years down the road from then, I’m guessing we’ve had the opportunity to take a closer look at many things. I know I have. I physically couldn’t participate in the local farmer’s market as I was unable to manage the process of loading in and setting up my canopy, grid walls, tables and more to set up my booth. My wish for a “roadie” never came true. So I opted to be grateful for the opportunity to continue displaying at the Brownsville Art Gallery and for the occasional order generated through my website. My physical condition did not improve. Challenges that come with aging were on the horizon for me.

Mid 2021, I started actively volunteering at a local nonprofit in Sweet Home, providing administrative and managerial guidance and work. I was putting in way too many hours for volunteering. For health reasons, I stepped down from that in May of 2023. My morning glucose was crazy high, nearly 200. My A1c hit 8.0 in March 2023. Everyday was physically difficult and it effected everything I tried to do. I had to take a time-out. Regroup, as they say.

My first objective was to get my insulin resistance under control. I decided to take a second chance on the KETO way of eating, because I knew it would at least help get my glucose number down by reducing carbohydrate intake. My previous KETO attempt failed miserably as I quickly learned I was a total carbohydrate addict! Can you relate? This time, I took a slightly different approach, knowing I had to be successful this time. I literally cleaned out everything that I should not eat from my fridge, freezer, cupboards, etc. I gave it all away to a dear friend who raises chickens and told her I’d like to begin buying eggs from her.

My next step was to begin learning all I could about insulin resistance, the KETO way of eating and why I was never able to lose weight, no matter how strict I was with my diet. I wound up starving, feeling weak, tired, short-tempered and glucose levels wouldn’t budge. My hair started falling out. For the first time in my life, I felt desperate about getting my health back in line. About 10 weeks into KETO, I lost those nagging cravings for carbs. Brain fog? GONE! I began to sleep better, which has always been a challenge. I even lost a few pounds. It became easy for me to slide into KETOVore, which loosely translates as consuming no more than 10 grams of carbohydrates per day. I became curious about the role proteins and fats play in our nutrition. I stumbled upon what is referred to as the Proper Human Diet, as defined by Dr. Ken Berry. Like many of you, I thought I was eating properly following the USDA recommended Food Pyramid Guide published in the 70’s. The more I learned about how our body processing the nutrition we give it, the more I began to question that Food Pyramid Guide. My conclusion was that way of nutrition would GUARANTEE you would become obese, insulin resistant, diabetic, have heart trouble, kidney failure, brain impairments and more. GUARANTEE!

After about 8 weeks on the KETOVore way of eating, I found myself not even to wanting to eat the meager 10 grams of carbohydrates per day! I decided I had nothing to lose, other than more unwanted weight, by eating Carnivore. So that’s what I did mid-October. My A1c dropped from 8.0 in March to 5.7 in September! That alone convinced me I had finally discovered a way of nutrition that worked FOR ME instead of against me. I found Dr. Ken Berry, and others, offering more information on the Carnivore way of eating. Interviews with researchers provided even more reason why the Carnivore diet was working. It was HEALING my body from damage done by eating according to that stupid Food Pyramid Guide. HEALING MY BODY! The weight loss was just a bonus.

As of today, since I began this journey in June 2023, I’ve lost 48 pounds, 4 dress sizes, and an unbelievable number of inches of fat. I’m only 5′ 1 1/2″ tall. So that’s a significant amount of weight on my small frame. I have another 40ish pounds to go before I reach the proper waist-to-height ratio. I’m convinced Ketogenic nutrition is a lifelong thing for me. I’ve also learned the only vegetables I eat must be either fermented or pickled. If you look into that, you’ll understand why I say it that way.

So there’s your update for the past 3 years. I’m still here. I’m feeling better. I’m still hoping to secure a small storefront for Flat Earth Herbs in my little rural town. I’m determined to get my website updated with my new formulas for herbal teas, magnesium sprays, etc. I am committed to make my 35+ year dream of silver smithing come true this year. I look forward to resurrecting my creative side, Red G Designs.

If you read to the end of this update, thank you. Love to hear from you. Email me here.