911 Butter Testimonials

Here are some folks who use 911 Butter and want to share their experience with you.  If you use 911 Butter and want to share your experience, too, please send me a note and I’ll add your experience to these testimonials.

Hi Rege – I wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know that I broke out with a cold sore for the first time since my last order of 911 Butter, and Karry is absolutely correct that the 911 Butter eases the cold sore stinging, burning, and soreness, and begins the healing process immediately! FABULOUS – I LOVE the results! I hope you’re going to start selling it as a cold sore treatment. It’s very, very effective. Thanks again.  Sept 2019

Diane M

I have been using 911 Butter to get rid of headaches.  I massage 911 Butter in the acupressure spot on the top of the foot between the big toe and 2nd toe.  I hold the spot for a few minutes, then massage 911 Butter.  So far, 3 out of 4 times it has gotten rid of the headache.  9/5/14

Sherry M

We are in the middle of moving from one house to another, just 10 miles apart, but it still means packing, packing and, then, unpacking.  My knees, ankles, wrists and fingers were calling out for 911 Butter.  After a long day of moving activity, the only thing that helped was 911 Butter.  It also helps with my TMJ.  I just ordered another jar, so I do highly recommend this product.  6/24/14


I’ve been using th 911 Butter for a few years no.  I found it at Eugene’s Saturday Market when a friend purchased it there.  Now that I can buy it online, I am very happy.  I used this product on my hands after I work on my pottery.  It helps take the dryness away and any pain that might come up without the 911 Butter.  I have used it on my shoulders when I’ve had pain.  It’s a Great Product!!!  8/25/16


Since my early 20’s I’ve had a problem with edema in my lower legs and ankles.  I’m in my 40’s now.  Doctors have been able to offer little help and no solution to the problem.  Since I’ve been using 911 Butter every evening the swelling has gone down significantly.  Not just overnight, but they don’t swell as much during the day.  Give it a try, you’ll be surprised.  12/3/13

Deniz B

I put it on a cold sore to help stop the pain and inflammation before taking a nap. When I woke up my cold sore was no longer swollen and the burning and itching were gone. Of course, the lesion was still there, but I have been putting it on the lesion and it healed up pretty quickly. It does taste a little rough if you get it in your mouth, but using it just where it needs to be works great.  Sept 2019

Karry E

Just wanted you to know that I love the 911 Butter.  I’ve been working out for about 10 months now with a personal trainer.  A few weeks ago my left shoulder began hurting.  I tried heat, ice and massage to relieve the soreness.  I decided to give the 911 Butter a try.  I can’t believe the difference that it made.  I put it on at bedtime and wake up without any pain.  No more taking OTC pain relievers.  This is great.  12/21/15

Kay F

OMG!  This has saved me during these last 3 days of hard work doing shipments, etc.  My rheumatoid arthritis pain and back pain was eased and I can relax enough to sleep.  Definitely one for the medicine chest!  Thanks, Rege.  This is awesome stuff.  Everyone that aches and pains needs to try this.  10/21/16

Kenbra B

I ran into you at Saturday Market a couple of weeks ago and decided to give 911 Butter a try!  It actually works.  I had a nagging shoulder injury for about 1.5 months that only started feeling better after using 911 Butter last week.  Pulled a muscle in my back on Friday, by Sunday, I was feeling mostly normal….

911 Butter is amazing stuff…AND it actually smells pretty good!  4/11/16


This is an amazing pain relief balm.  I am an osteopathic family physician and work with my hands daily.  My neck and shoulders are very thankful for 911 Butter.  3/22/15

Kyle H

My teenage son, 16 years old, has joint problems.  He got injured badly last week.  His hips popped out of joint, and his knees and leg froze up.  He was in a lot of pain.  So, I gave him the 911 Butter and he applied it to his hips and legs.  Within minutes he came out of the bathroom and said, “Mom…this stuff is AMAZING!!  Almost as soon as I put it on, it felt cool and my pain is gone!”  That is incredible, first of all because he is a teenager, he isn’t always willing to try something new.  He is so glad he tried it.  Now he uses it when he has pain and is a committed customer!  Thank you, Red G, for developing such an AMAZING product!  11/6/14

Jeanette L

I was visiting a friend and got a bad headache, as I do a lot.  She gave me this to try and within about 10 minutes the headache started to go away.  Within 20 minutes it was gone.  Best stuff I’ve ever tried.  Also worked very well on a sore shoulder.  Very impressed.  Definitely won’t be without it.

Carol H

I love your 911 Butter!  I constantly have back pains, in my muscles, or in wrists, knees, elbow, and ankle joints. Got some of this butter for Christmas, and it does wonders!  I don’t use a lot of it either, so it lasts a long time! I will definitely get more when I run out!

Nicole R

A client gave me a 1 oz container of 911 Butter since for over a year I have had pain in my shoulder.  Even tried therapy for several months, but saw little improvement.  I started using the 911 Butter on my shoulder and within 5-10 minutes I was feeling relief.  It’s been 3 weeks now and my shoulder is so much better.  I have so much more range of motion and little discomfort.  I have an 11-year old son who is having growing pains and will say “I need the butter, Mom.”

Dianna O

I met you at Corvallis Winter Fair and bought some 911 Butter.  Man, I’m crazy about that stuff!!!   I love it.    I’ve got a friend having knee replacement next week and I’d like to give her some of your 911 Butter, will you be at Saturday Market tomorrow?

Teresa B