Do You Trust Your Senses?

For myself, the truth is a very important thing.  Regardless if it’s about the car I drive, the city I live in, the food I eat, the clothes I wear, education, and on and on.  Without the truth, in my opinion, we have nothing.  Nothing we can count on.  Nothing we can trust.  Nothing to base our decisions on.  Nothing. My objective is not to change anyone’s mind about anything.  What I want to do is speak truth and encourage others to do the same.  The question I find most compelling in this pursuit of truth is “how do we know what truth really is.”  Consider the steps of the “Scientific Method:”
  1. Define the Problem: The question that you are trying to answer
  2. Form a Hypothesis: An educated guess to the problem identified
  3. Research and Collect Data: Observations and Facts (observations by your own senses aka empirical evidence)
  4. Experiment
  5. Conclusion: Restate the hypothesis and the results discovered in the experiment and what you learned. It should include data tables and charts or graphs as well as include how the results relate to the real world.
If you also feel truth is important, I invite you to reconsider the truths we have been taught about where we live, and the world around us, then decide for yourself.  I found the difficult part was discarding the untruths as I discovered undeniable truths.  Take your time.  Be relentless in learning truth.  If you end up discovering what I discovered, don’t feel bad.  We have all been fooled.  The next step might be to help another discover truth.  It won’t happen over night.  But, when you know the truth, the world and everything in it looks a whole lot different than it did before.  It looks better.  I can honestly tell you that I couldn’t sleep the first few nights, once I knew that I knew that I knew.  It gets better.  You’ll be able to sleep again, don’t worry. You can begin exploring any time you want.  Moon   Earth   Water   Stars